Living without fear




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Your life is conditioned by fear; therefore, you can’t be total and successful in what you do. There is a life free from fear where you feel to be the master of your behavior.

It is neither impossible nor difficult and it depends on how much you are willing to invest into yourself to live a life as a free spirit. This workshop will guide you to meet, understand and let go of your fear of dying, going crazy, losing control and abandoning your addictions without hurting yourself. All techniques used, dancing, breathing, relating to all the participants, as well as relaxation and self-healing techniques, are easily accessible to all those who have a healthy body. It is a laboratory for those who are ready to take a step deeper into their own quality of life, particularly in feeling themselves to be the masters of their choices, but also in living relaxed and in joyful harmony. The benefits of this workshop will continue to grow inside you for a long time even after the workshop is completed.
Previous basic experiences in Oshos meditations techniques will help you to be more fully involved.



Prashantam, Josè Miguel Pereira De Matos, was born in Portugal in 1949 and received initiation from...