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Meditate with Miasto ONLINE: to meditate at your home connected to many people all around the world.

Meditation is often associated with loneliness and silence, in fact many studies show that meditation, promoting the increase of awareness and the achievement of personal well-being, is a valuable tool for creating positive and lasting relationships. Starting from the relationship with oneself, meditation also improves the relationship with the world around us.

Meditation is not entering a dream or hypnotizing ourselves to a different reality, nor it is a method to lead us to mystical visions or to give us superpowers. Meditation is learning to stay in the present moment, observing everything that happens around, without judgment.

Since it is not easy to meditate alone … to stay connected, Osho Miasto has created this initiative: every month Meditate with Miasto ONLINE offers you a different technique, on the Zoom platform with 100 participants.

on 29 March at 7.00pm – The Adventure of Breath with Dwari, Shanti, Adhiraj and Pushan

Breath brings you to this moment, to feel your self again, to rediscover your body and it’s needs. Spontaneity arises bringing the possibility of a new adventure in life!
In this one hour meditation you will explore the benefits of the breath work, rooting into your body, reconnecting with the energetic flow and expanding your awareness.

on April 19 at 7.00pm – Tantric Breath with Shanti and Adhiraj

Gently open your life energy flow and release old fears around intimacy. You relax intothe beauty of your body and its senses and experience the greatest gift in life : to open your heart for the joy of being alive.

on May 17 at 7.00pm – Breath: Heart and Hara with Dwari and Pushan

Connecting to essential centers in the body, the Hara and the heart The Hara, the source of life, feelings and connection with life. The Heart is the center of love within.
Coming back home with acceptance and beyond Judgment. “Strengthen your Hara and Open your Heart”

Before the meditation there is an introduction to the technique. After each meditation there is a short space dedicated to questions and answers or simply to share and deepen the experience that is new and different each time. See you on Zoom!

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Meditation is adventure, the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake. Meditation is just to be, not doing anything – no action, no thought, no emotion.” OSHO, The Orange Book


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