Osho Methods To Relax The Mind




from 22 May hour 10:00
to 26 May hour 16:30

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Our mind is like a salesman – constantly selling us something in the future, keeping us busy with new desires, reliving situations, chattering day and night. A busy mind is not at rest.

Imagine how it could be to find the “off-switch”, to silence this non-stop chattering. Just for while, for a moment of peace, so that when you need it, you switch on again.

Mind is just a mechanism, and all mechanisms work more efficiently when they have rested.
There are techniques that help us to understand how the mind works, and how to observe, and yet not get involved in it.

The ancient techniques from Osho’s Book of Secrets, that we will be experimenting with, are supported by science today.
These methods can become part of daily activities, not something separate from your daily life.

Some of the techniques we will practice alone, and some with a partner, there will be movement and dance, and silent sitting.
With Marco playing live music for the meditations, they happen in an atmosphere of non-seriousness and joy.

“But the secret of how I became a buddha cannot be expressed in language. It is a closed book, it is a secret. You have to find it within yourself.” OSHO, Discourse Series


Shunyo e Veet Marco

Prem Shunyo has been a sannyasin since 1974 and lived alongside Osho for a long time, taking care of...



Shunyo e Veet Marco