Primal Breath




from 16 May hour 10:00
to 19 May hour 16:30

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Primal Breathnd the n is a journey into liberating ourselves from the wounds and conditionings of early life and childhood. It is a master key to get in touch with the reality aatural intelligence of your body, the power of the cheerful, delicate and daring childlike being within us.

This healing “Primal Breath” a deep connected breath, enables us to travel back in time within our body opening up and gently letting go of old traumas. Safely and playfully, we can release old buried pain, fear, anger, sadness and guilt and uncover our deepest connection with live again.

This workshop will support you to consciously re-owning the qualities of the child with it’s tremendous juice for life, a resource which is still inside waiting be be uncovered and lived again

We will understand the protective pattern of our personality and realizing that it is time to stop sabotaging ourselves, constantly feeling rejected or misunderstood. Instead we learn to dare opening our hearts for ourselves again and taking the risk to move towards loving intimacy with others too.

There is a chance to also look more deeply at the individual issues of abuse, shock and the rejection of our elementary needs for love and emotional safety which in the child have left deep traumtic tracks.



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