The Art of Dying




from 25 October hour 10:00
to 29 October hour 14:30

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There is not much to say about death itself: we have not gone beyond the point of no return, so everything we say is speculation.
However, it is possible to become aware of the fact that every moment we can die in the past to be reborn to a new and direct experience of what life offers us.

This workshop is an intense process, in which we use death as a device to confront ourselves with our half-heartedness, our tendency to postpone, with our compromises in our life, with our tendency to avoid confrontations and to protect our vulnerability.

Death is a mirror: what are we holding onto, what are we trying to control, what separates us from the flow of life and from the amazing depth of existence. It is that we have not lived totally that makes us afraid of death.

We will use Osho meditations, communication exercises, body work, breathing techniques, hypnosis and meditations from the “Book of Secrets”.



Ramateertha is a disciple of Osho since 1976. He is the founder and director of Osho Uta Institute...