The Dimensions of Being. Essence and Personality.




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At the heart of our internal conflicts and how they extend to the world around us is a fundamental division: that between personality and True Nature.

Personality has to do with our functioning in everyday life, a specific sense of identity and, above all, how we deal with the issue of survival. True Nature, on the other hand, is independent of the conditioning received: it is our uniqueness, the natural spontaneous manifestation of who we really are when we are free to be. This division generates reactivity, dissatisfaction, discontent, a sense of lack, uncertainty, confusion, and is reflected in everything we do and in our relationships.

These days are dedicated to experientially realizing how this conflict is not real, but a kind of self-hypnosis implanted in our conscience, reinforced by habit, supported by the control structures and the inner judge.

Recognize that you are inevitably both True Nature and personality and your ability to consciously move in both dimensions.
Reconnect with resources that are already in each of us, only obscured by the veil of self-deception.
Receive simple and concrete tools to rediscover who you really are behind the mask of personality.



Avikal E. Costantino

Avikal is a spiritual teacher and a poet. He is the founder of the Integral Being Institute active...