The Tao of Joy: Totality and Expansion




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When you are deeply connected with your heart, a feeling of lightness, vitality and relaxation springs from the centre… all synonymous with joy!

When the secret of how to be joyful is revealed, you can bring it into your relationships, with your partner, your work, and in every area of your life.
You can go through life in two ways: from the personality or from the Being.
Personality pushes you to be mechanical and to favour fixed roles and scripts.
The personality uses the language of the mind, not of the heart. The language of the mind is made up of convictions, beliefs, and filters that prevent you from true satisfaction.
Without satisfaction, there is no joy. Without joy, there is no satisfaction.
The satisfaction sought in external objects is ephemeral: the mind always sets new goals for you, pushing you to useless greed or a feeling of lack if you don’t reach them.
Learning to live from the heart gives you the strength to go through every nuance of life, easy or difficult, known or unknown.

Therefore heal the wounds and misunderstandings of the past to allow the original joy of your Being to flow undisturbed both within you and towards the rest of the world. The other becomes a door to the divine, an opportunity to get to know yourself, dropping masks and defences that don’t allow you to be in the centre of your heart and experience true intimacy.

Discover how to live with a high level of satisfaction in every moment, stepping out of the duality of choice, entering the path of choiceless awareness, and experiencing the path of surrender to what is: this is the journey of these days to prepare for a new year light, renewed, joyful.

In this course, you experience guided meditations on the heart and exercises in gestalt, breathing, and systemic constellations.


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