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A weekend of wellness and meditation, where you will be able to take care of yourself and your body. We will use meditation techniques, dance, breathing movements (Divine Healing exercises), the art of touch, and we will also do a session in hot water. Bring your joy and wish to get involved! “Meditation is not concentration but relaxation -- one simply relaxes into oneself. The more you relax, the more you feel yourself open, vulnerable, the more you are less rigid, you are more flexible -- and suddenly existence starts penetrating you. You are no longer like a rock, you have openings. Relaxation means allowing yourself to fall into a state where you are not doing anything, because if you are doing something, tension will continue. It is a state of non-doing. You simply relax and you enjoy the feeling of relaxation.” Osho

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  • He is a simple man with more then 20 years working on himself and then with people. Actually he f...

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