The Tao of Courage

Relationships, Creativity and New Life

Category: residential,

Themes: strengthen your resources, understand masculine and feminine, rebalance energy, relating,

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28 December 2021
(h 10:00)
31 December 2021
(h 16:30)
4 days

The Tao of Courage is the right workshop to enter the new year. The courage is connected to the heart and its ability to always be receptive in every situation in life. It gives you the drive to be true, to recognize your needs and satisfy them without manipulating them.

Guided by courage, your inner voice ventures towards the unknown and welcomes it as an invitation to wholeness.

The Tao of Courage is the right workshop for you if you want ...

  • Know yourself deeply
  • Go beyond your unconscious behaviors and find out what moves them
  • Face your relationships in a new way
  • Explore new ways to express your creativity in the various fields of life

This workshop is a journey of connection with the inner masculine and feminine polarities. A path to get out of the past, heal old wounds and "close the circles" still open, to be able to feel free and rooted in the present.

It is a process of change that offers you new tools to fully express your creativity and your potential, coming into agreement with your true self, and your true destiny.

With courage, with an open heart!


“Love is a state of mind, not a relationship. It is not related to anybody; it is not that you love someone, rather, it is that you are loving. The other is not, the loved one is not, you are just loving to whatsoever comes in contact with you. You are love; you live in love. It has become your perfume” OSHO

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