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We all need loving relationships that are nourishing and sexually satisfying; instead we often avoid closeness with other people, because we do not know how to meet open and vulnerable. We are afraid to be rejected and to open the old traumatic wounds of our childhood again.

The sensual contact to our vital life-energy and the experience of an innocent pleasure in our own body is lost and often we end up trying hard to fulfill idealistic expectations of our partners.
The outcome is that we feel disappointed and frustrated, driven by vague longing, which seem to be never really fulfilled.

This groups invites you find back to your childlike spontaneity and to discover the sensing voice of your body and the personal rhythm of you heart again – beyond all conditioned ideas.
When you start accepting yourself as a man or a woman you can drop the old game and move into a new freedom where you can express your sexual energy in a clear and playful way – knowing that it is your basic life energy in which you can trust and let go.

That is the movement into Tantra. Out of that experience you can also relax with others and create deeper intimacy. A loving meeting where we discover through rituals, breath and sensitivity exercises the male and female energy in ourselves.


  • From fear of rejection to self-love
  • Defensive strategies in relating
  • Three Steps of Relating: Self-love, Passion and Compassion
  • Give and take in relationship
  • Tantric flow
  • Healthy dynamics of relating
  • Male – female polarity
  • The chakra relating map
  • Meditation and relating

“In the interplay between meeting with the others and coming back to yourself in meditative aloneness you explore a new dimension of love and relating. To transform sex into spirituality is my basic approach. Meditation and love should go hand in hand. If we can create a world where lovers are meditators too. Then there will be no problem.” OSHO


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