Choiceless Awareness




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“Two monks with vows of celibacy arrived to the bank of a river wanting to cross it. A woman was already there but she could not swim and was scared to do it on her own.
The older monk took her on his shoulders and proceeded to cross the river followed by the younger monk. Once arrived safe on the other side the woman continued her way and the same the two monks did who were following a different road. After a few steps the young monk said to the older one: “i thought that we were not allowed to touch women. Why did you carry that woman?” The older monk answered: “i am not carrying her anymore… but you still are!”

Only awareness gives you the freedom of your choices and to live in truth. A life where you are not dependent of dogmas, preconceived ideas, but rather present in and innocent while facing the unpredictable changes of life situations.

Let your life choices be guided by the wisdom that arises from your meditations and inner truth and use knowledge as a tool at your service. Then you will experience yourself in a permanent joyful, calm and innocent state of being where choosing is an harmonious flow with…what is?… is!

In this workshop we use dynamic techniques inspired by Osho with a mix of bioenergetics, self-expression, dancing as well as silent meditations all and more in an ambient of supporting each participant through loving ways of friendship, sharing and collective communication.

Including opportunities for individual questions, suggestive guidance, and other forms of feed-back. Everyone is welcomed and a basic knowledge of Osho meditations can be helpful.


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