from 29 May hour 10:00
to 2 June hour 16:30

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VOICING© International Training (module 11)

INTERNSHIP 3 Introduction into VOICING©

In this module, we will start by bringing attention to the problems and any resistance that might have arisen in the learning process that influences and hinders the flow of practice.
A particular space is dedicated to verifying the written reports relating to the sessions offered, especially those which have caused perplexity, difficulties, and hesitations.

Pratibha will present a one-on-one session with an external volunteer giving step-by-step comments on the session for teaching purposes. Participants will give a videotaped session to a guest volunteer from outside the group, and then it will be reviewed and commented upon by all internship participants. Participants will receive increasingly precise indications of how to structure and shape a VOICING© introductory event lasting a couple of hours or for a weekend. Regarding this, Pratibha offers a demo of about 90 minutes of “Introduction to VOICING©”.

You present your selection of music and chants and explain what circumstances or chakra levels you consider appropriate. Comments and feedback will follow.

Space will be given to master the voice and to achieve an appropriate voice demonstration in the various pitches and quality of voice.

After this module, participants receive written reports on the outcome of their supervised sessions and any advice on how to proceed.

Between the third and fourth internship modules, it is crucial to offer three meetings of two hours with at least six volunteers and five individual sessions with respective written reports.



Pratibha is sannyasin since 1976. The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in...