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VOICING© International Training – MODULE 12

INTERNSHIP III  Group-leading

This workshop is devoted to sharpen the therapeutic skills and work on the vocal uncertainties especially in reference to your previous performances and reports.

You need to bring accurate written reports about the sessions and groups you were asked to facilitate.

Those who haven’t performed last time will be asked to facilitate a 1 hour Introduction of VOICING© which implies: verbal explanation, vocal demonstration, and conduction of an experiential journey through the chakras.

The participants of these mini-groups will be the other trainees and a few volunteers especially invited to participate and give feed-backs.

At the end of each group we will give feedback and further teachings.

Those, who didn’t manage last time or whose selection wasn’t complete, are asked to present a choice of music and songs (that you certainly had prepared for last time and maybe enriched in the meantime) and you will be asked to say for which different group situations and chakra layers you consider them appropriate. Comments will be followed.

You will also be given to listen several pieces of music and songs and you will be asked to describe for which use they would be appropriate.

Possibly the participants will exchange sessions as “difficult” clients.

Time permitting will be passed on more information about the accurate verbalization when addressing to a client/group.

After the Internship IV those who have facilitated the demo group session will receive a feedback about your situation and suggestions of how to continue working in order to prepare yourself for the final test.



Pratibha is sannyasin since 1976. The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in...