Ecstatic Pulsation




from 17 May hour 10:00
to 19 May hour 16:30

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With Ecstatic Pulsation, connected to the body, we celebrate in dance.

Thanks to neo-Reichian work we bring energy into the body, allowing our vitality to flow and the mind to become clear.
Through deep breathing, we relieve ourselves of old muscular tensions and restraints and let go of weights that limit us in life by expanding our energy with ecstatic dance.
The movement supported by music allows us to give space to spontaneity, to new possibilities, to open ourselves with confidence to a free and profound feeling connected to our inner truth.
Sounds of the 432Hz frequency as in nature and heart beats accompany us on this journey.

The combination of Pulsation and Estatic Dance arises from the encounter between a passion for dance combined with a profound experience of Reichian work.

Dance is one of the deepest possible meditations. Ecstatic dance is dance without the need to follow specific steps. You abandon yourself to the rhythm, moving freely, following the music until reaching a sensation of ecstatic trance. There is a connection both between those who dance and their emotions. Dance can be a meditation that helps people to cope with stress and achieve a state of calm.

The course includes an evening events of Ecstatic Dance open to all.

“The dancer becomes one with the dance. Even when he starts dancing, the unity does not break, there is no duality. There is absolute unity” OSHO, The Secret



Maitri has dedicated herself for years to the exploration of the body in its infinite nuances and...