Grounding and Flowing




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Osho Pulsation Bodywork

A workshop to explore the vital force flowing within us, on how much we are used to sense it in our body and how much we have learned to limit it.
In the light of the work of Wilhelm Reich, the insights of the Radix Institute by Charles Kelley and the meeting with Osho by Aneesha Dillon, up to the most modern understandings of neurobiology.

An experience to bring clarity to our ability to perceive and allow the flow of our natural impulses and to the strategies we voluntarily or unconsciously use to protect or dissociate ourselves from what we feel.

Through “neo-Reichian” work structures, physical movement, breathing and the practice of bringing the awareness to whatever arises, we will gradually let go of unnecessary tensions and stress.
With a feeling of greater integrity, it will then be easier to align ourselves with confidence to our vital wave, deep, fresh, revitalizing.
In a self-exploration that supports one’s own individual growth process.



Magna, David Rasulo, had been trained in “Neo-Reichian Energy and Bodywork” since 2001, by...