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Osho Family Constellation Advanced Training 2


First module: 3 – 8 May
Second module: 26 – 31 July

The obstacle to the success of relationships
In this Advanced Training II we will study and understand in depth, from a systemic point of view, the dynamics of projections, both in emotional and working relationships.

We will learn to explore and give systemic responses to a client’s discomfort through the use of Individual Systemic Constellations and gestalt techniques.

Participants will practice, both as facilitators and clients.

Projections are the strongest obstacle to the success of any relationship.

Psychology defines them as the repressed and unpleasant content of our psyche. We usually see it reflected in others, judging them strongly for a manifested content, behavior or attitude. We do not imagine that such judgment is something we have to deal with within ourselves.

Osho helps us to deepen the definition and functioning of projections.

The mind itself is a projector: it projects memories and desires. The mind is always in the past or in the future and does not allow us access to the truth of things.

In this training we will work on both the levels, that of repressed content, with particular reference to systemic transgenerational issues and that of the projective mind.

A method to bring to light the conditioning, feelings of others and memories of trauma is the method of individual Systemic Constellation, which leads us to an awareness that unresolved knots are still unconsciously manipulating us.

The difference with respect to the Systemic Constellations carried out in groups with the use of representatives is a greater interaction of the client with the systemic field. The facilitator accompanies the client step by step to understand the systemic reasons for his existential distress, anger, aggression, victimizing or persecutory attitudes, etc.

Individual Constellations can also reveal old unresolved traumas that lead us to interpret a certain situation as dangerous, when it is not. In human relationships, we often feel threatened by words, phrases or behaviors, without the other having bad intentions towards us. The altered perception of what is happening has its origin, in fact, in a trauma that individual work can bring out.

Taking back the projection through the Individual Constellation.

The individual systemic approach is a useful tool to get out of dysfunctional relationship dynamics.

The training will teach, in the context of an individual session, the steps to take to move out of projection and how to support new understandings.

Appropriate methodology and language will be taught. Emphasis will be placed on the correct approach with the customer, taking into account their status of presence.

The participant will be helped to develop sensitivity and presence and a lot of practice will be done to connect with the field.

You will be taught how to bring the client himself into connection with the field, placing himself in the role of the one who helps from a space of presence and not from a managerial space.

Themes and program

The program is structured to convey the theoretical principles and practice of systemic constellations in an individual setting. It is structured as follows:

  1. Transgenerational traumas seen through individual family constellations
  2. Potential of a session and presence of the facilitator
  3. State of Desire / Presence of the Client and the Facilitator
  4. Difference between individual and group settings
  5. The Phases of an Individual Constellation:
    1. Building a relationship of trust with the customer
    2. Identification of the theme of the session
    3. Setting of the constellation
    4. Identification of the dynamic that creates discomfort
    5. Recognizing and dissolving the projections
    6. Recognizing and dissolving the entanglements
    7. Access to the information field in the individual session
    8. Observe, perceive, intuit
    9. Anchors used to represent members of a system and lead a constellation
    10. Systemic rituals
    11. Healing phrases to dissolve the client’s blind love bond with his or her family system

6. Practice of individual constellations

Who could be Interested

This Advanced Training is aimed at all those who have previously participated in the Osho Training of Family Constellations Basic Training and Advanced Training 1 both in the latest editions held in Osho Miasto or in previous editions held in other locations.



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