Yes To Life: Systemic Constellations




from 22 May hour 10:00
to 26 May hour 16:30

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corso costellazioni sistemiche

Yes to Life is a Systemic Constellations workshop that offers the possibility to bring order and clarity to relating in the following areas:

  • family of origin – Family Constellation
  • relationship with partners and children – Relational Constellation
  • consequences of traumatic events – Trauma Constellation
  • professional life – Work Constellation
  • creativity – Five Elements Constellation

Thus helping all those who want change, who want to get out of a stalemate, or accept and increase their own creative expression.

It is also aimed for those who wish to:

  • Say yes to one’s individuality and go beyond the limiting judgments or conditioning behaviors of the family
  • Heal relationships with parents and their family roots and to use them as a springboard for their own fulfillment
  • Regain possession of the right to experience joy, sharing and love.

Systemic Constellations are a powerful method of inquiry and transformation. They reveal the unconscious dynamics and the connection with parents and ancestors, which guide us in life more than we can imagine. We tend to repeat the unhappy destinies of those who preceded us.

We call this type of bond “blind love”.

Understanding and seeing the systemic dynamics in which we are, in spite of ourselves, allows us to rediscover the interrupted or diverted vital flow therefore, permitting us to reconnect to our natural creative potential.

The exit from blind love leads us to individual choices that are more in tune with our nature.

An integral part of the process will be Osho’s active meditations and guided meditations, led by the facilitators. Below is a detailed description of the various types of systemic constellations that we will experience.


It is important to reconcile with one’s roots, first of all with one’s parents. Judging one’s parents or feeling like aliens in one’s family system weakens our chances of success. There are specific reasons why judgment is generated, sometimes motivated by events that have marked our family history. The work of Systemic Family Constellation has highlighted, that, there are transgenerational memories that determine difficult destinies beyond the personal strengths and weaknesses of the members of our system.
In fact, everything that happens to us can even have a cause much earlier than our parents. We cannot deny our roots otherwise we weaken.

Family Constellation were created by Bert Hellinger to go to the origin of certain misunderstandings, go beyond judgments, recover strength and let go of the feeling of a half-life. We can look at our life with our heads held high.

If you occupy the right place in your system, the so-called orders of love, which are the basis of our possibility for success in life, are not violated. The constellation on the family of origin brings to light, transgenerational connections and entanglements and the influence they still have on our current life. All the unresolved or unexpressed emotions of our family system are often the cause and explanation of our behaviors and those of our parents. Their manifestation and evidence in themselves originate peace and healing in our history.


We often have success in work, but difficulties in emotional relationships: we have difficulty in receiving, sharing and giving love. Relationships often rely on power because you don’t know any other way to relate. Failure in love can have systemic causes that have their roots in the system of origin. A Relational Constellation can reveal the entrapment or systemic resonance that prevents us from love.

With the Relational Constellation it is possible to recognize the blind zone that generates misunderstandings and conflicts both between partners and with children.

You can begin to relate again from a space of greater clarity and trust.


True success in working life is effortless. This is achieved when you do the right job and work in the right environment.

The right work is the one connected to our natural qualities.

Unfortunately, career choices are often a tribute to the expectations of our family of origin. Even economic failures and the difficulty in successfully completing our projects are often caused by family history and not only linked to the individual inability of those who manage the company.

Work projects always deserve an investigation into our family system because in the workplace we often repeat the dynamics of our system of origin.

Thanks to the Working Systemic Constellation we can understand what prevents our daily serenity and what effort this entails. We have the opportunity to support our projects and remove the impediments to their success. We can put ourselves in the right place and live with less conflict and more lightness. We can find the strength to change direction.


When we feel stuck or we wish to change, but fail to mobilize inner resources to realize our potential, it may be connected to a shocking event or trauma, even from a long time ago. Our frightened personality has created excessive boundaries in order not to repeat a painful experience. In this way our survival armor prevents other vital manifestations, so we feel like we are in a cage.

Only reconnecting with ourselves can free us from this cage.

Through the work of the Trauma Constellation, we can recover the unity of spirit, mind, and body therefore returning to live to the fullest of our vitality.


Creativity is often understood as something connected only to artistic activities, such as painting, dancing or singing.

Instead, creativity is having the ability to see a situation in which we are protagonists in a different way.

It is getting out of the idea that things can only be done by following what we have learnt or have been taught. Everyone is given the power to shape their world and break out of the patterns or automatisms in which we are stuck. In order to observe where this expressive energy is stagnant, we will use the Constellation of the Five Elements, created by Anurag, which allows the alignment of individual psychic functions, thus giving shape to our intuitions.

Consequently we will be able to realize our creative success and live with greater fulfillment and joy.

Five Elements Constellation represent a happy encounter between the systemic method and the Taoist approach to the psyche.



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