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VOICING© is a therapeutic and innovative spiritual approach, which relies on the use of singing and is recommended to those who feel the passion to continually discover themselves at a deeper level. It is a self-knowledge tool, which uses and goes beyond the psychological sphere (that includes and goes beyond the therapeutic level). Since ancient origins, humans have expressed their deepest emotions through sound, music and singing. The words, in fact, are not enough to express the intensity of moods such as joy, sorrow, spirituality, sensuality, the triumph, the horror. It is human nature to express the most intimate experiences through song. It is an innate knowing that reconnects us to a state of authenticity, uniqueness and truth of our innermost being. Trust in our own voice is an experience of great expansion and emotion. Relearn how to gain this tool to use it in our daily life ensures a deep work of transformation. It is both an individual and team work in which one experiences the creation of choral sound with special twists, able to evoke the essential qualities that reconnect us to the sphere of the divine, from the level of personality to that of Essence.It is a process that helps to reactivate and use the many features that the voice has: - transformation of the energy blocks; - direct and unashamed expression of each emotion; - reactivation of its inner power; - discovery of the inexhaustible source of our creativity; - exploration of different timbres and sound tones; - waking up the silences of the heart and of our thirst for novelty and wonder.The uniqueness of the voice of each individual is recognized, liberating it from judgement and cultural conditionings that limit the flow of energy, taking responsibility for all energy forms present in us, even the dark ones or relegated in the shadows because they are considered terrifying. So, we rediscover unexpected timbres and tones, sometimes baffling or sublime, a range of communication that we believe inaccessible to us. Everything can be sung and then expressed, understood, accepted and celebrated, so accessing states of higher consciousness. You learn to let go of your attachments and judgments regarding beliefs and conditionings that limit our expressive potential, which favor certain parts and condemn others, creating deep divisions within us. Each mood can be expressed with its sound quality, even if the "texture" of the sound will be different for each individual. We have developed specific ideas about how one should sing. Not being able to answer these modes makes us say we cannot sing and to believe that only a few have the "gift". Inizio moduloIn VOICING® it is recognized that singing is a birthright, as well as painting and dance. Everybody can sing when they discover that singing can be a direct expression of our life and the ultimate revelation of our yearning for transcendence, when words are not enough. Allowing ourselves to sing it turns out that everything within us has a reason to be; thanks to the confidence and courage to dig deep within oneself to bring to light what we have denied, will be returned to us, through song, the uniqueness, dignity and sense of preciousness that belongs to us.Rediscover the art of listening (which is the other side of singing), as a way to learn how to contact our inner world, the emotions: without the ability to hear there is no chance to really communicate. We are the true speaker of our own voice as well as the sounds of the outside world.VOICING© is of particular interest for those who operate in the communication field like: therapists, doctors, health and social workers, teachers, managers, lawyers, media representatives. Actors, singers and musicians can expand the range and quality of their expression.It is aimed at people who have already started a journey of personal growth with work such as Breath, Pulsation, Primal feeling, Primal and to people who come from other avenues of search, prior to a telephone interview via Skype or telephone.

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  • She is sannyasin since 1976. The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in '...

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