Listening, Resonance and Silence




dal 17 Novembre ore 10:00
al 19 Novembre ore 16:30

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Three days between the vibration of sound with a deep listening to your emotions.

It quenches and purifies every cell of your body, immersed in a cuddle of warm water, in the splendid space of Sagar. Let every cell vibrate with the healing power of sound and let your spirit surrender to its purity.
The water washes, purifies, and brings us back to our origins. Working individually and in couples, we meet the waves of our emotions and let them flow.
With a joyful and pure heart, similar to that of a child, the healing power of warm water will amaze us.
What you meet and touch says something about you. Where there is something that resonates within you, there is some truth for you to discover. We learn to observe, listen, and honor what we meet on this three-day journey.
Through the grace of the water and the touch of sound, we integrate and crystallize the new clarity that emerges.
Thanks to an immersion in sounds, we harmonize and make every cell of your being dance. We experience a sense of belonging to the whole in the heart’s radiance.
It is a journey into sound that, through the portal of the senses, will touch every part of your being, giving your body the nourishment it needs and your soul what it knows how to recognize.

This course is a work in warm water work that expands and reunites. It is a precious experience that celebrates life.



Rabamashi grew up in a small swiss village, with a deep connection to nature and her elements. ...