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VOICING© International Training (module 10)

INTERNSHIP 2 Integration and Therapy – with guest therapist Tarika Glubin

We begin the work by reviewing the written reports of the one-on-one sessions you have delivered as a trainee. Questions, answers and discussions allow you to bring your experience into the learning process. From time to time, you deepen and elaborate what emerges step by step from your practice.

Each participant takes turns facilitating a recorded session with a volunteer guest, “client”, with the supervision of another participant observing and taking notes. The participants and Pratibha will then review the session and offer feedback on the session with indications of how to proceed with the learning process.

The last part is dedicated to providing some indications on group management and the fundamental elements of group dynamics. Tarika will bring you through a process for five days, touching on your involvement in becoming a therapist, your motivations, your fears, and your hidden agendas and also looking into the mechanisms of projections and how to maintain your integrity.

In light of what you will learn, you will also find the space to ask questions that might have come up during the sessions you have done so far. On the last day, you are offered guidance and direction on how to conduct a group meeting.

Between the 2nd and 3rd internship modules, you will be asked to conduct at least two introductory events on VOICING© of about two hours with at least six volunteers (of different genders) and to write a report to be presented in the 3rd internship module.

You must continue to offer and conduct individual sessions (minimum of 10) and write related reports.

For the next module, you will collect sound material: a selection of different music and songs that for you are appropriate for the various educational contexts of VOICING©.

During the 3rd Internship module, you will present your music selection and will receive feedback about the appropriateness or not of the different pieces for the different types of VOICING© teaching situations. You will also receive some pieces of music from Pratibha, asking you to listen, comment and give feedback expressing for which work situation you deem appropriate.

Between INTERNSHIP II and III, all participants will receive a written report with feedback on the conduct of the offered session and indications on how to proceed. Musical selections will be listened to during the Internship 111 module, and feedback will be shared.


VOICING© International Training

VOICING© is a unique practice that uses the human voice as a tool, sung, without interruptions, without preset or designed soundtracks…

VOICING© Practitioner Internship

To obtain authorization to practice the VOICING© method, you will need the Diploma after completing PRACTITIONER, 5 Internship modules…



Pratibha is sannyasin since 1976. The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in...