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VOICING© International Training – MODULE 10

INTERNSHIP II – Integration and Therapy – with guest therapist Tarika Glubin

We will start by going through your notes regarding the 10 sessions you have been asked to give in the meantime and discuss what has come up for you during these experiences and receive more teachings.

You will then give video-recorded sessions to guest “patients” whom we will purposefully invite.  One of you is giving the session and one is supervising and taking notes. I will of course also supervise the sessions and eventually we will discuss about them while visioning it on the screen.

The last part will be devoted to giving you some guidance regarding leading a group and to which are the elements of group dynamics.

Tarika will bring you through a process for 5 days, touching your involvement in becoming a therapist, your motivations, your fears, your hidden agendas and also looking into the mechanisms of projections, and how to keep your integrity.

In the light of what you will learn you will also find the space to ask questions that might have come up during the sessions that you have done so far.

Between the 2nd and the 3rd Internship you are asked to facilitate at least 2 Introduction of VOICING© of ca.2 hours for a group of minimum 6 volunteers (of different gender) and write a report about it.

You need to continue giving individual session (minimum 10) and write reports about it.

You are also asked to start searching for a selection or different songs and music that would be appropriate for the various situation of the work. During the 3rd Internship you will have to submit your music selection and you will be given a feed-back about the appropriateness or not of the different pieces for the different type of VOICING© teaching situation.

Pratibha will also submit you with some music-songs of her own choice for you to listen and comment.

Between the 2nd and 3rd INTERNSHIP you will receive a briefing with the feed-back on your session giving and indication of how to proceed.



Pratibha is sannyasin since 1976. The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in...