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Test and final celebration

For passing the test you need to show the mastery of the voice on all the ranges and qualities of sound, related to the different bodies.


  • Capacity to master the singing voice and being able to sustain it in the different layers of quality and pitch of sound corresponding of the different chakras
  • Capacity to change the volume of a sound without changing the tone
  • Capacity to slide form one tone to the next (up and/or down) in a glissando, without changing the volume
  • Capacity to “read” the clients voice
  • Capacity to recognize in the client’s voice the signals that enable you to proceed in the work and be able to pace and lead
  • Knowledge about which body- and breath-exercises and voice suggestions are to be used to activate different dimensions in the client


  • Notions about the different bio-energetic and other body exercises we used and for what, including the different types of dance and in which situations and chakras are they useful and for which purpose.


Similarly your attention and accuracy on body- breath-voice patterns and languages in relation to the emotional body will be evaluated.

  • How to individuate, recognize and deal with the different blockages, difficulties “problems” and how to help the client to resolve them
  • Notions about how to recognize to which “bodies” they belong

In general, you will be tested also on your verbal skills and knowledge about facilitating sessions and groups which includes the various jibberish and singing demonstrations:

  • You can be asked of how to initiate an individual or group session and which are the      dimensions you need to maintain active during the process
  • Which are the elements in the client that allow you to make an evaluation of how to proceed
  • Which are the differences between leading an individual and a group session
  • Some indications of how to deal with “difficult” clients

Some of you might be asked to perform again as a demo, an individual session or a group meeting.

To obtain the VOICING © PRACTITIONER diploma, you must demonstrate that you have acquired both verbal and energetic conduction skills.

You also need to have completed the minimum number of individual sessions required (25) and Introductory meeting of at least 2 ½ hours (5) and a minimum of 25 days of assistance. (I will be considering the various difficulties you had to have been assisting to introductory groups )

The evaluation for the Diploma depends also on the unfolding of the learning process  in general during the past years and on the elements related also to the previous INTERNSHIPS and on your commitment to become a VOICING© PRACTITIONER.



Pratibha is sannyasin since 1976. The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in...