The facilitators you will find in Miasto are all facilitators who transmit the vision of OSHO. Many of them have had the fortune to live alongside the master and to train professionally within his communes.


Adhiraj terapista osho miasto Bsc Law/Psychology, he is certified practitioner in Osho Transomatic Dialogue, the Akashic Processes, and Osho Diamond Breath. He is a Chi Gung instructor. Facilitates the Osho meditative therapies, Osho Born Again, No Mind, Mystic Rose around the world and leads trainings for facilitators of Osho No Mind and Osho Mystic Rose. He leads events, groups, seminars, and individual sessions in Greece, Croatia, Mexico, Italy and India.

Advaita is a Osho Do Master; he teaches martial arts, mantra yoga, overtones.
As an disciple of OSHO he stayed in the east for long periods, where he met Tibetan and Indian teachers with whom he has practised meditation and Sacred Sounds.
He leads events and groups in Centering, Emotional Release, Hara, Tantra, Singing and Meditation in Italy and around the world.

Alvina - Terapista Osho Miasto Alvina has the gift of intuition and helps people recognize and develop their own intuition and unique talents. In a simple and loving way she is able to bring acceptance, understanding and clarity even into difficult situations. She encourages and supports you to find and stand in your own strength, and to bring more joy and relaxation into your life. Alvina has an exceptional sensitivity and intelligence in relating and passes on her experience and understanding with great care towards eve...

Amar Leela was one of the founders and conductors of the Osho Ki6 Meditation Center in Venice Lido for ten years. Now she is involved in the expansion of the Centro del Cerchio in Ravenna. Leads groups and training of Osho Neo Reiki, Empathic Communication and Star Sapphire male-female Energywork. She shares qualities of trust and self-acceptance, conveying to people relaxation in the present and ability to flow.

Anatta terapista Osho Miasto

A disciple of Osho since 1978. A director of Gautama. Master of Meditation (RIMU).
Humaniversity Therapist and Sex Counselor. Following the Shamanic way, she was initiated into various native cultures and has created the Osho Shamanic School and the School for Massage and the Arts of Well-being called "Waves of Energy". Specialized in Bodywork, Shamanic Healing, Massage, Communication, Personal Power, Self-Esteem and Meditation, she leads seminars and training in the above areas. Sh...

Aneesha terapista Osho Miasto Aneesha Dillon, American-born, trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelley at the Radix Institute in California more than 30 years ago. Her long association with Osho and his work (since 1976) has brought about a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western techniques of human growth and inner exploration. She is the founder of Osho Pulsation, a meeting of the work of Wilhelm Reich and meditation, and has developed Tantric Pulsation, which is rooted in the body’s natural capacity for pl...
Anjori e Dhairya Terapisti Osho Miasto Anjori and Dhairya are together as partners and fellow travelers since 1998 and their exploration of tantra is a process that continues since 2001. Their workshops are based on the teachings of Osho and the teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tantric tradition of Padmasambhava's lineage and Neel Fasting's teachings of the Vaekstcentret Tantra School in Denmark. Dhairya has had training as a Osho Therapist and Meditation teacher in Pune (India), ELC Consulting and Heart Meditation Teacher in Os...

they were intimate disciples of Osho and lived with him for many years.

Anubuddha was Osho’s personal masseur and between 1976 and 1990 he helped create Osho Rebalancing, Neo-Yoga, CranioSacral Balancing and Hara Awareness.

Anasha has created and taught “Breath of Meditation” and is certified in detox-purifying treatments.

They have 40 years of experience in exploring and sharing healing arts, yoga and meditation. Growing up they became "teachers of teachers", train...

Anurag - Terapista Osho Miasto Anurag has a humanistic and business education. Through his work, he helps people to fulfill themselves in a creative way and according to their own nature. He is a business consultant and trainer, he also is expert in systemic constellations. He developed the method of the constellations of the five elements, a powerful synthesis between systemic approach and taoist medicine. You will be able to see his original face while he works and shares his experience.

Archan Paola Migliori met Osho in 1982. The passion for inner research was the driving force behind a large part of her personal development.

His life story is anything but monotonous: after actively participating in the student movement in the 1970s, he lived in the Osho Municipalities in Milan, Freiburg and Berlin, spent many winters in Pune, India, in Osho International Meditation Resort, where he intensely participated in the life of the Municipality.

Since the 90s he h...